Fusion Facades, a leading supplier of aluminium, cappings and covers, has proved that its SnapLok wall capping is the most secure in the business, withstanding wind speeds in excess of an astounding 400 miles an hour, more than twice the force of Hurricane Katrina at its peak.

The independent tests were undertaken as part of Fusion Facades product development. Set against a background of incidents where competitors’ cappings had become dislodged in high winds the official report offers peace of mind to builders and roofing contractors nationwide.

The results confirmed what Fusion Facades already knew – that even with extremely high wind speeds the capping would stay attached.

Fusion Facades Managing Director, Mike McKee, explains: “The force exerted, equivalent to more than 400 mph winds, exceeded 27 kN/m², after which the test equipment itself failed, leaving the capping securely attached to the brackets. “The results were impressive enough considering the potentially destructive wind speeds. They were even more remarkable considering the nature of modern building techniques, where brackets are often cantilevered from the inside wall leaf, spanning insulation voids and external cladding. Even under the resultant leverage neither the brackets nor the capping failed.”

Simple to fit and now proven to be the safest, SnapLok is a wall capping system, which acts as weatherproof ventilation for parapet walls. The outer aluminium weathering capping is snapped onto a specially designed combined fixing/jointing bracket. This eliminates the need for potentially vulnerable penetration on the external surface and presents a smooth, unbroken line.

The assessments were undertaken at Ceram Research, the testing and analysis service, which helps businesses validate their products and processes. With calculations based on BS 6399-2:1997, which determines the gust peak wind loads on buildings and components, the SnapLok cappings significantly exceeded the possible wind loads for the UK.