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Aluminium suppliers have long been committed to responsible sourcing of the Industry’s raw materials. Ethical scrutiny of the social and environmental impacts of mining practices in those regions where the primary mineral ore, bauxite is sourced, is the aim and responsibility of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative and the International Council of Mining and Metals.  As a result, properly considered criteria for sustainable raw materials sourcing are developed and then applied to the whole of the Aluminium sector, making aluminium a first choice medium for forward looking and sustainability driven organisations worldwide.

Long service life

Aluminium readily combines with elements such as copper, manganese, magnesium and zinc to form an alloy which will meet the widest specification requirements whether it’s in building fabrication or space travel.

Used as an extrusion or in simple sheet form, the mechanical strength to weight ratio achievable through considered fabrication is unparalleled.

Low maintenance

The smooth finish of this non-corroding material collects no grime in the built environment and paints and powder coatings allow for vibrant use of shape and colour on a building exterior which will look as good decades on as the day it was built.

The Fusion Facades LandMark range is designed to avoid the need for visible face fixings which can attract grime and add to maintenance requirements – so effectively we design-in Low Maintenance from the very start.

Fire safety

Aluminium does not burn, and is therefore classified as a non-combustible construction material (European Fire Class A1). At its melting point of around 650°C it releases no harmful gases. Used as part of a correctly specified and installed building system, solid aluminium will not compromise building safety. Its top class spread if flame rating makes it a valuable component in the safety systems of any construction.

The perfect medium

If you can find a material which is almost endlessly recyclable, can de shaped to almost and form and which never seems to rot, rust corrode, fade or distort in everyday use – year in, year out. If you can determine its thermal properties, put them to good use and rely on those calculations not to change. Well done! You’ve probably discovered Aluminium.

For the modern built environment

Aluminium’s shape shifting capability enables the designer to exploit its strength, durability and spectrum of finishes side by side in the entire envelope system.

With fenestration profiles linking directly into soffit and balcony panels which then seamlessly fold into the rainscreen cladding system, there seems to be no bettering Aliminium’s capability to provide the perfect building wrap.

Where passive cooling is the order of the day, foil shaped aluminium brise soleil can equally be matched for colour and finish to the overall façade. And where roof edge meets façade screens, colour matched capping systems completes the overall look.

The perfect Partners

Alongside our core range of Aluminium based products, equally durable steel fixing and finishing ranges complete the package.

Behind the scenes galvanized steel can provide an alternative to our aluminium panel supports. And where an extra sparkle is required to complete the design look, stainless steel comes into its own.

LandMark system testing

All our tests are independently carried out by leading test institutes. Throughout the programme our products are first tested to realistic parameters and current industry standards. Testing often proceeds to the point of destruction in order to see how high we’ve set the bar. The results whilst pleasing to our design team they also instill confidence in the minds of our customers and end users industrywide.

LandMark I & II Wind Load & Impact Testing

Our results

The extensive range of building envelope products within our portfolio each has an important task to perform in protecting your scheme from the elements in an ever changing climate environment. That’s why we subject our fascia systems, cappings and gutter systems to stress tests which go far and beyond expected weather demands associated with UK norms.

Media coverage and metrological scientists drive home the expectations of worsening weather events to come so our approach – testing far beyond the expected and what are often the accepted norms – seems to us to be the logical way to give our clients peace of mind.

So when we report that our SnapLok Capping System can withstand wind loading speeds in excess of twice those seen in Hurricane Irma, you know we take quality and testing seriously.

And when our LandMark Rainscreen Cladding is independently tested for soft and hard body impacts, wind loading, rain penetration, hydrothermal performance and accelerated weathering and remains safe and sound at 50% above the industry standards then we know our clients can specify with complete confidence.

Our tests are carried out by respected and independent test bodies and results and test reports are available immediately on request.

Furthermore, Fusion Facades will respond to testing requests specific to particular projects – facilitating testing on a range of panel sizes and design formats – at client’s request.