Wood grain coatings

Special finishes


Fusion Facades Limited are proud to offer a multitude of specialist decorative finishes, in imitation wood grain.  Our wood-grain finishes offer a true natural wood effect both in terms of colour and grain. Their effect is so realistic that only by touching the door does one realize that it is made of aluminium.

Our wood-grain effects are produced using an aluminium-colouring process that involves the application of a special powder-coated finish that transforms the chemical properties of aluminium and provides the profiles with guaranteed protection against water and corrosion. These properties are all certified by specialised technical laboratories.  Finished profiles in wood-imitation as in oak, walnut, acacia, sapelli, cheny, etc.

The Fusion Facades powder coatings range includes a great choice of textured powder coatings.  These finishes are offered in both non-weatherable and weatherable grades and as opaque and metallic finishes designed to serve as decorative as well as functional coatings.  They work over a wide film thickness range and possess outstanding chemical resistance and mechanical properties.  These textured finishes are ideal for a multitude of applications and the Fusion Facades team are on hand to help you choose the perfect finish for your project.

Techniques used for finishing aluminium surface using mechanical surface treatments includes:


A method used for improving the surface quality of extruded aluminum, this technique leaves behind a fine striation on the direction of the grinding. The surface finish results achieved here range from very fine and medium, to coarse. Surfaces which undergo grinding are often followed by anodizing . It is also known that grinding before painting processes is capable of further improving the achievable surface finish.


Smoothing the aluminum surface, the gloss and quality of the polish is determined by your specific requests and requirements. After a surface has been polished, it will normally also be anodized . To achieve a high gloss finish, polishing will often be followed by what is called bright anodizing.


Also known as barrel polishing, tumbling is mainly employed as a deburring process. Surface finishes will range from matt to gloss depending on the polishing medium applied in the drum.

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