Our Spandrel Panels are non-combustible and can easily be fitted into curtain walling as well as part of structural glazing. These panels are perfect for enhancing the appearance of the facades. These panels are made from A1 non-combustible materials.

 Finishes are accurately colour matched as required.  Where the design specification requires it, contrasting finishes and fabrication materials can be incorporated including stainless steel.

Powder coating and anodised finishes are available with a lifetime guarantee. Our polyester powder coating finishes are guaranteed to BS 6496/12206-1 for up to 30 years or more depending on surrounding environmental conditions.

Our anodised finishes are guaranteed to meet BS 3987 in full and to maintain this standard for the lifetime of the product.


Built to last

Our Spandrel Panels are made to last. These are designed to add aesthetic detailing to a building but also provided added insulations and protection ensuring limited heat loss taking place.