Rainscreen Solutions

Fusion Facades LandMark Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding Systems are tested to CWCT standards and hold either A1 or A2 Fire Rating.

Rainscreen Solutions

Securing facade components and finishes to the building structure, seamlessly integrating doors, balconies and windows is key to the Fusion Facades offering. Managing the junction between roof edge and facade is our trademark built on decades of experience.  Fusion Facades specialises in aluminium systems and can provide bespoke solutions for the full building perimeter, whether new build or refurbishment.  Engineered solutions shaped to meet your design requirements.


Performance standards which meet every onsite demand from initial installation right through to the end of life for a building are what reputations are built on – yours and ours. It is not surprising therefore that we measure our products against the industry’s most rigorous standards.


We work hard to stay ahead of the field when it comes to the technical development of our product range. It makes sense to put in a similar effort to keep our installation teams, specifiers and client similarly up to speed.


Our production facilities offer a wide range of the solid modeling capabilities in sheet metal fabrication. We can bend more intricate shapes thus cutting down on welding and polishing time.


Fusion Facades Limited are a founder member of AWM Ltd who provide an independant, insurance backed, warranty scheme that will warrant our manufacture and design and your workmanship too.

Testing & Sustainability

Aluminium’s shape shifting capability enables the designer to exploit its strength, durability and spectrum of finishes side by side in the entire envelope system.