About The Project

Project Name: Nottingdale Village
Location: London
Sector: Mixed 
Main Contractor: Kier
System Supplied: Bespoke Fabrications

Nottingdale Village

Nottingdale Village by client Adena Property Investments Inc. Nottingdale Village will encompass three large commercial and residential building blocks, based near White City in London, which will include basements and five stories upon completion.  It will include high street retail shops, cafes, offices and social housing as well as private rental flats. The idea is to provide a space that works for both public and private industries, and to allow for mixed used families to support the current needs of local people and businesses.

Fusionfacades supplied a number of bespoke fabbrications to the devlopment including the store fronts. 


December 4, 2018


Fusion facades is here to transform your development or renovation projects with our LandMark rainscreen cladding systems. Our systems are designed for installation ease, cost effectiveness and our flexibility within the design process to ensure we can help you with your project. 

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