Capable of handling pre coated materials

Aluminium - Pre coated sheet

Our pre-painted aluminium sheets are coil-coated with a Class 1 PVdF flexible paint system.

PVdF has excellent weathering properties, colour-fastness and UV resistance and is the most commonly selected finish for construction, giving long life and a virtually unlimited range of colours.  All sheets have a UV resistant film with directional arrows applied to the painted surface to protect the finish during fabrication and installation.

Our range consists of the most commonly used sizes and gauges and we can offer bespoke sizes, colours and thickness subject to order details.

Coil coating is a continuous, automated process for coating metal before fabrication into end products. The steel or aluminum substrate is delivered in coil form from the rolling mills. The metal coil is positioned at the beginning of the coating line, and in one continuous process, the coil is unwound, pre-cleaned, pre-treated, pre-primed, and prepainted before being recoiled on the other end and packaged for shipment. All of this happens at up to 700 feet per minute!

The following steps take place on a modern coating line:

  • Stitching the strip to the previous coil
  • Cleaning the strip
  • Power brushing
  • Pre-treating with chemicals
  • Drying the strip
  • Applying primer on one or both sides
  • Curing (often only 15 to 60 seconds!)
  • Cooling the strip
  • Top coating on one or both sides
  • Second curing
  • Cooling down to room temperature
  • Rewinding of the coated coil

Coil coating is one of the most advanced, efficient and environmentally friendly means of coating metal. Using prepainted metal can provide manufacturers with a streamlined manufacturing process, cost savings and a more environmentally friendly plant.

The prepainting process is designed to produce highly uniform, impeccable-quality coatings.