LandMark V

Extruded Facade System

LandMark V


Extruded secret fixing rainscreen system with test report to CWCT Standards. Ideally suited to narrow panel formats. Can be supplied in full  storey height arrangements.


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System testing


All our tests are independently carried out by leading test institutes. Throughout the programme our products are first tested to realistic parameters and current industry standards.  Testing often proceeds to the point of destruction in order to see how high we’ve set the bar.  The results, whilst pleasing to our design team, also instill confidence in the minds of our customers and end users industrywide.

Built to last

Securing facade components and finishes to the building structure, seamlessly integrating doors, balconies and windows is key to the Fusion Facades offering. Managing the junction between roof edge and facade is our trademark built on decades of experience.  Fusion Facades specialises in aluminium systems and can provide bespoke solutions for the full building perimeter, whether new build or refurbishment.  Engineered solutions shaped to meet your design requirements.

Recent projects



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LandMark rainscreen

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LandMark rainscreen

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