Interlocking Rainscreen Cladding

Fusion Facades LandMark III Aluminium Interlocking Rainscreen Cladding System is tested to CWCT standards and holds either A1 or A2 Fire Rating.

LandMark III - Interlocking Rainscreen Cladding

Interlocking aluminium rainscreen system with test report to CWCT Standards.

For large panel formats up to 3800 x 590mm, our LandMark III Interlocking Rainscreen Cladding aluminium system is the perfect fit. Our system can accommodate localised building movement joints of 20mm as standard, in addition to handling continuous thermal and settlement movements (but can be more if required). Either our own secondary support or a proprietary system like Nvelope, Hilti, Kladfix, or Ash & Lacy can be used for installation.
When using a variety of facade finishes to divide up large flat areas, such as ceramic tiles, HPL, brick slips, etc., it may be preferable for the designer to use one standard support system throughout rather than a number of manufacturers’ own systems.

Interlocking Rainscreen Cladding System Features

  • Panels can be manufactured to project specific sizes to form either a multi panel build up or a full storey floor to floor height arrangement
  • Compatible with an extensive range of standard & project specific architectural fabrications to suit wide ranging applications
  • Slim panels from 25mm to 100mm thick to maintain a minimum stand off from the primary structure and keep a neat non bulky appearance
  • Whilst a standard system is offered here, the system is fully adjustable & modifiable to suit any situation or condition
  • Defined by BS476 part 4, aluminium alloys are non-combustible, part 7 Surface Spread of Flame ‘Class 1’
  • Defined by BS476 part 6, fire propagation ‘Class 0’
  • Secret fix system
  • Independently tested to CWCT standards
  • Mounted on precision carrier track for speed & ease of installation
  • A multitude of finishes available – p.p.c. anodised etc
  • Design service & support
  • Can be supplied curved, facetted or straight
  • Special features such as fins or baguettes are easily incorporated (see example below)
Interlocking Rainscreen Cladding

Interlocking Rainscreen Cladding System Testing

Leading test institutes independently oversee each of our tests. Our products are initially tested throughout the programme using realistic parameters and current industry standards. Testing frequently goes as far as it can go in order to see how high the bar has been set. While the results are pleasing to our design team, they also inspire confidence in our clients and end users across all industries.

Built to last

The Fusion Facades offering’s key features include securing facade elements and finishes to the building structure and seamlessly integrating doors, balconies, and windows. Our reputation is based on managing the intersection of the roof edge and the facade. Fusion Facades is an expert in aluminium systems and can offer custom solutions for the entire building envelope, whether it is being built from scratch or being renovated. Engineered solutions that are shaped to satisfy your design specifications.

Interlocking Rainscreen Cladding