Feature fabrications

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Forming covers and cappings for elaborately crafted architectural features combines the art as well as engineering skills.

When refurbishing the Carmalite Monastery in London recently, the decision was taken to form a powder coated aluminium covering for the cracked copings atop the gable apex overlooking the east facade.

The fabrication required rolled edges, three dimensional changes in plane and secret joints, Once fabricated, the bespoke covering was powder coated in order to provide the rich colour and durability of the original sandstone.

Endless possibilities


Architectural trends and developments have created a broad spectrum of fabrication challenges for our team over the past two decades. The requirement for softer roof edges, wide and curving capping systems, new and innovative methods of protecting roofs and walls from the elements have all added to our portfolio of designs and skill sets.

The overriding benefit remains our enthusiasm to work with our specifier clients in order to transform ideas and dreams into reality.