– Canada Gardens – Wembley

Fusion Facades Ltd charge forward in partnership with SISK Group, Wates Group and PRP Architects LLP with full scale independant fire testing to BS8414-2 for the LandMark aluminium rainscreen panel system.

The Fire tests took place in December 2017 at the BRE test centre in Watford, Hertfordshire, whilst the results are being finalised we can offer a sneak peak, make sure to check back soon for the final results.

FusionFacades Ltd

In partnership with:


PRP Architects LLP


Wates Group

SISK Group

Securing facade components and finishes to the building structure, seamlessly integrating doors, balconies and windows is key to the Fusion Facades offering. Managing the junction between roof edge and facade is our trademark built on decades of experience.  Fusion Facades specialises in aluminium systems and can provide bespoke solutions for the full building perimeter, whether new build or refurbishment.  Engineered solutions shaped to meet your design requirements.


LandMark Aluminium Rainscreen Panel System

  • Defined by BS476 part 4, aluminium alloys are non-combustible, part 7 Surface Spread of Flame ‘Class 1’
  • Defined by BS476 part 6, fire propagation ‘Class 0’
  • Independently tested to CWCT standards
  • Panels manufactured in project specific sizes to form either a multi panel build up or a full storey floor to floor height arrangement.
  • Compatible with an extensive range of standard & project specific architectural fabrications to suit wide ranging applications

Final Result

Final test results coming soon.