Aluminium Coping

The “snap” fixing method avoids penetration of the capping, whilst allowing ventilation over the top of the wall.

Bespoke Aluminium Coping fabrication

SnapLok Capping Aluminium Coping

As the name implies, the SnapLok wall capping or coping allows the outer aluminium weathering capping to be “snapped” onto the specially designed combined fixing/jointing brackets. This eliminates the need for vulnerable penetrations on the top surface, resulting in a smooth, uninterrupted line.


  • The SnapLok wall capping system is an affordable and simple way to cap upstanding parapets in conjunction with flat or pitched roofs.
  • The “snap” fixing method prevents capping penetration while allowing ventilation over the top of the wall.
  • Available in a variety of widths to accommodate varying parapet thicknesses.
  • The top of the outer profile can be supplied in curved, ridged or sloping formats.
  • Windspeeds of over 400 mph have been fully tested!
  • Providing abseil support to allow access for economical window and building facade maintenance while avoiding the need to disrupt building occupants.


aluminium coping
aluminium coping
System Testing

All of our tests are conducted independently by leading testing institutes. Our products are first tested against realistic parameters and current industry standards throughout the programme. Testing is frequently carried out to the point of destruction in order to determine how high we’ve set the bar. While pleasing to our design team, the results also instil confidence in the minds of our customers and end users across the industry.

Built to last
SnapLok wall capping is the most secure in the industry, withstanding wind speeds of up to 400 miles per hour, which is more than twice the force of Hurricane Katrina at its peak. SnapLok wall capping system provides weatherproof ventilation for parapet walls and is now proven to be the safest.
aluminium wall coping