Aluminium Column Casings

Fusion Facades aluminium column casings are available in square, elliptical, oval, and traditional round profiles.

Bespoke column casing fabrication

Aluminium Column Casings

Cosmetic finishing of building support structures such as columns and arches is part and parcel of the Fusion Facades service.

Our aluminium column casings are available in square, eliptical, oval and traditional round profiles, our column casings can incorporate male/female assembly joints, decorative collars and rings as required.

Finishes include polyester powder coatings which when combined with the aluminium structure conforms to Class ‘0’ Spread of Flame regulations.

Powder coating and anodised finishes are available with a lifetime guarantee. Our polyester powercoat finishes are guaranteed to BS 6496/12206-1 for up to 30 years or more depending on surrounding environmental conditions.

Our anodised finishes are guaranteed to meet BS 3987 in full and to meet this standard for the lifetime of the product.

column casings

Make a statement with Fusion Facades Column Casings

Custom column casings

 Where the building design calls for substantial columns to highlight an impressive entrance way or a statement support structure which reflects the local vernacular, custom designed and fabricated casings are available.

aluminium column casings